Buying Guides

Buying an ATV is a big investment, and you wont regret spending some time researching to ensure you make a good purchase. On this page, you'll find our buying guides for ATVs and everything that is ATV-related.

What Are You Researching?

Buying a New ATV

There are not many vehicles that can compete with ATVs in fun-factor, versatility, and off-road performance.

However, before you spend your hard-earned money, I want you to be sure you choose the right type, make, and model of machine with specs and features that suits your particular needs.

Below are our resources for those that are in the market for buying a new ATV.

Buying a Used ATV

Buying a used ATV can be an excellent way to save money over buying a brand-new bike. However, before you sign the deal, you should do your due diligence, including

  • Perform a Pre-Purchase Inspection.
  • Ask the seller questions that can reveal more about the ATV’s condition and history.

Buying an ATV Battery

These are the main things to consider when buying a new ATV battery.

  • What capacity battery do you need? (Ah and CCA rating)
  • What type of battery should you get? (FLA, AGM, GEL-Cell, or Li-Ion)
  • Physical size, terminal style, and layout. 
  • Brand of battery.

Buying ATV Wheels

Buying new ATV wheels can be confusing with all the different terms and numbers, and sizes to consider.

14×8 whel size, 6+2 wheel offset, backspacing, bolt pattern, the list goes on.

Below are some resources to help you choose what wheel to get for your ATV.

Buying ATV Tires

Bigger tires are among the first upgrades people are looking into to improve off-road performance, like flotation, traction, and ground clearance.

Or, you might have worn down your old tires and are looking to buy new ones and want to make sure you make an excellent purchase.

Regardless of which category you’re in, we’d love to guide you through the purchase process.

Buying ATV Tracks

A set of quality tracks can transform your ATV from a great off-road vehicle to a fantastic, all-year beast of a machine.

Whether it’s snow, mud, or hilly grounds, the tracks raise vehicle traction, flotation, and stability to another level.

ATV Accessories

ATV Attachments


Buying ATV Helmet & Goggles

A quality helmet suitable for ATV riding will be your most important piece of riding gear for safety and comfort.

There are many types and variations to choose from, and it is easy to get lost in the jungle of available helmets and goggles.

Below are some resources to help you make a good decision.

Buying an ATV for Plowing Snow

ATVs are great for plowing moderate snow depths in tight, narrow spots like sidewalks and driveways.

Also, it’s one of the most fun ways to remove snow, as long as you wait until the blizzard has passed.

Before buying a snow plow for your ATV, it’s a good idea to learn how effective ATVs with plows are at removing snow so that your purchase meets your expectations.


Buying an ATV Winch & Winching Accessories

Adding a winch to your ATV is an excellent way of setting yourself up for success the next time you battle mud or snow.

A simple but powerful winch can transform getting stuck from a disaster to a short break in your off-road adventure.

Just make sure you choose the proper type for your size ATV and install it properly when you get the winch back home.