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Who We Are

BoostATV is an independent publisher that provides helpful resources about everything ATVs.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, reliable content that offers genuine value to ATV owners across all experience levels. Every guide, review, and article is meticulously researched and designed to be straightforward, well-illustrated, and easily digestible.
Proudly owned and operated by Krislok Media, a reputable limited liability company headquartered in Norway, BoostATV draws on years of hands-on experience and industry know-how to ensure you’re getting the most credible and helpful ATV advice available.”

What We Offer

Ownership Guidance

Buying Guidance

Learning Resouces

Our History was launched in 2018 by Haavard Krislok as a solo hobby project. As an avid ATV owner and enthusiast, I wanted to help others learn from my research and expeience as well as the collective wisdom of the ATV community. The goal was, and still is, to save you hours of research by doing the legwork for you.
Over the years, BoostATV has grown into a trusted source of information within the ATV industry. We draw from years of hands-on experience in the ATV world to bring you the most reliable content available. Our commitment to accuracy, thoroughness, and user-friendliness has garnered us a loyal following of readers who depend on us for the latest insights, tips, and solutions
As we move forward, our ambition is to continuously improve and expand our offerings, ensuring that remains your go-to source for everything ATV-related. Your trust fuels our passion, and we’re excited to keep delivering the expert advice and tips you’ve come to expect from us.

Our Editoral Process

Every post we publish begins with a question—usually a common query or issue you may face either as a potential ATV buyer or as a current owner. These questions often stem from decades of hands-on ATV ownership and operation, making them both relevant and rooted in real-world experience.

Our editorial process is rigorous, involving meticulous research, fact-checking, writing, and editing to ensure the highest level of accuracy and comprehensiveness. We source information from a variety of trusted channels:

  • ATV owners’ guides and service manuals
  • Relevant YouTube videos from credible experts
  • Manufacturer guidelines and recommendations
  • Scientific articles and publications
  • Personal hands-on experience
  • Forums and comment sections, after distilling and fact-checking the essence of countless discussions

By synthesizing information from these diverse sources, we aim to provide you with a single, highly relevant post, saving you hours of searching for the answers you need.

Our commitment to accuracy is unwavering. Each article is revisited regularly to ensure it remains up-to-date, factual, and free of errors or inaccuracies. This ongoing review process is part of our dedication to providing content you can rely on.

Please note, the content on this website is intended for general information and entertainment purposes. While we strive for accuracy, makes no warranty of any kind. Utilize the information provided at your own risk.

How We Make Money

Affiliate & Advertising Disclosure

This site participates in a few carefully selected affiliate programs where we we earn a comission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

We refuse to accept any manufacturer’s free evaluation units, and we do not accept any paid endorsements.

Our focus is strictly on creating content for the benefit of our readers, and we align our business model to focus on our reader’s interests.
The site also contains advertisements provided by an external ad broker. The ad revenue helps us continue providing ATV-related content to you for free. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.