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Haavard Krislok

As an ATV and offroad enthusiast, engineer, farmer, and self-taught home mechanic, my life has been a journey of hands-on learning and adventure. Born and raised on a mid-sized cattle ranch in Norway, my early years were steeped in the challenges and rewards of farm life. This upbringing shaped my practical skills and instilled a deep appreciation for the outdoors.

After earning my bachelor’s degree in construction, my passion for all things offroad only grew. My first ATV, a Honda Foreman Rubicon 500 acquired in 2004, marked the beginning of an enduring love affair with quads, dirtbikes, snowmobiles, Jeeps, and motorcycles. Each vehicle brought its own set of adventures and learning experiences.

Life as a farmer taught me early on that machinery and equipment require constant care. Breakdowns are frequent, but they also present opportunities to save money through DIY repairs and maintenance. Over the years, these tasks have evolved from mere chores to a source of deep satisfaction and pride.

In 2018, I created BoostATV.com as a platform to share my knowledge and passion with fellow ATV enthusiasts. My aim is to empower you with the confidence to tackle your own repairs and maintenance, fostering the same sense of achievement I’ve enjoyed for years.

While I’m not a trained mechanic, my experiences have equipped me with a robust understanding of ATVs and offroad vehicles. I hope you find the insights on my site valuable. Welcome to BoostATV.com – your trusted guide in the exciting world of ATVs and offroad adventures!

Haavard Krislok

My Hands-On ATV Experience

So, what hands-on ATV experience do I have? Here is a list of some of the ATVs that I or close friends and family have owned or still own today. I've had the pleasure of running, fixing, and maintaining most of them. As you can see, they range from small youth ATVs, Sports, and touring ATVs to heavy-duty utility machines

2004 Honda Foreman Rubicon

This was our first ATV, a dependable workhorse, here ridden by my awesome grandfather. The Honda featured a smooth automatic transmission with optional push-button gear shifts. We never faced any issues with it, although repairs can be costly – a fact known to some owners. The models from 2005 onwards boasted more reliable transmissions. Its solid axle drive, in my opinion, outperforms any CVT transmission for utility tasks. However, the solid axle rear end made it less suitable for off-road use. It struck a balance between speed and power. We eventually sold it after my father overturned it hauling a heavy load up a hill on the rear cargo rack.

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2008 Yamaha Grizzly 660

A buddy owned this lifted Grizzly for several years. It managed to withstand all of the use and abuse we could throw at it. If I were to name one reliable brand of ATV's, it would have to be a Yamaha. Rock solid, lots of fun and and no fuzz.

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2011 Can-AM Outlander 650

Another buddys ATV that he had for several years. He had it from he was 16 years old, and had wery little issues with it through the years he owned it. It's the one on the left on this photo, standing next to a 2007 Honda Foreman. The photo is a few years old, but the Honda looks like new still to this day!

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2008 Polaris Sportsman 500HO 6X6

We use this ATV to collect big game during hunting season. The 6x6 provides excellent traction on soft grounds but does impact maneuverability compared to a 4x4. In recent years we tent to use a tracked 4x4 while keeping the 6x6 Polaris as a backup.

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2016 Can-Am Outlander 1000 High Lifter

My buddys Grizzly was traded in for a 2016 Can-Am. This one is a beast! Big, massive, and powerful. It's not as agile as my sportsman when riding off-road, but in mud or snow, I cannot keep up. Mostly due to the large lugged tires that are fitted to the Can-Am.

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2015 Suzuki Quad Sport Z90 Youth ATV

My brother bought this Suzuki for my nephew after he had worn out a couple of cheap china-brand youth ATVs in no-time. The Suzuki, however, seems almost indestructible. It's now passed on to a younger nephew of mine. He runs it like he stole it as well, but it holds up very well never the less. It could need a proper cleaning tho.

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2016 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000

This is my own ATV. I bought it new from the dealer in 2016, and it has done a great job so far. I really don't see a reason to upgrade it just yet. I'm not crazy about the transmission; the gear shifter could preferably move a bit smoother. This is a common Polaris problem. The shifter on my father's Textron is much smoother to operate. Also, I had to upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust. The stock one is designed to meet the rigorous noise emission requirements here in Norway and would glow red when pulling heavy at low speeds. Other than that, I love it!

Polaris Sporsman chains firewood

2015 Polaris Scrambler 1000

Yet another buddy owns this 2015 Polaris Scrambler 1000. It's basically a lightweight Sportsman with better suspension and a more sporty looking body. The frame, engine, transmission, and much more are just about identical with a Sportsman.

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2019 Textron (Arctic Cat) Alterra TBX 700

My father bought this brand new 2019 Textron. He will primarily be using it around the farm and for hunting. I haven't seen a 4x4 ATV with a flat-bed before. It will be interesting to see how it performs and how well it holds up.

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