Maintenance & Care

On this page, you'll find everything you'll need to know about ATV maintenance, storage, washing and general upkeep to make sure your bike stays in good shape.

Battery Maintenance & Charging

While most remember to change engine oil, the battery is often neglected until it no longer works.

ATV batteries are particularly prone to premature failure because of their small size and spending extended periods, not in use.

If you remember some simple yet essential battery maintenance, your ATV battery should last you about 3-5 years, but a neglected battery can go bad in a year or less.

Oil & Lubricants

Regular oil changes are an essential part of proper ATV maintenance. Most will have the dealer perform oil changes as part of the scheduled maintenance routine for as long the ATV has a valid warranty.

However, after the warranty has run out, many home mechanics prefer to do the oil changes in their own garage to save money.

If you ask me, a quiet Sunday oil change to ensure my favorite toy stays in top condition is not the worst way to spend some of my spare time.

Cleaning & Care

Proper cleaning is essential to keep the factory shine for as long as possible.

Mud sticking to metal components contain moisture and can speed up corrosion.

In addition, the dirt can stain paints and plastics when left sitting too long.

A proper cleaning routine consists of a gentle wash and a treatment with sealer products to prevent dirt from sticking as much and plastics from fading from UV radiation.

Cleaning & Washing

Preserving Your ATV

Storing an ATV

Proper storage is essential to keep your ATV looking new and prevent it from getting stolen.

The ideal place to store an ATV is dark, dry, well-ventilated, rodent-free, and locked to keep thieves at a safe distance.

Remember that proper storage is essential, not if the ATV is put away through the winter season.

Finding a suitable spot for your day-to-day storage is just as important.

Wheels & Tires Maintenance

The wheels and tires are one of the things that makes an ATV perform so well in off-road conditions.

Ensuring proper tire pressure is essential to ensure optimal performance and prevent premature tire wear.

When the tires wear out, you need to replace them with a new set. Changing tires is something you can do at home to save some money.

Bodywork & Plastics

Maintaining and restoring the plastics on your ATV not only keeps it looking great but also protects it from environmental damage.

Regular cleaning, using plastic-specific cleaners and protectants, can prevent fading and cracking.

For restoration, techniques like plastic welding for cracks, using heat guns for minor scuffs, and applying specialized plastic restorers can rejuvenate the appearance of your ATV.

Cooling System

Proper maintenance of your ATV’s cooling system is essential for optimal performance and longevity.

Regularly checking coolant levels, inspecting hoses for cracks or leaks, and ensuring the radiator is free from debris are key steps.

Seasonal flushes of the cooling system and replacing old coolant can prevent overheating and costly engine damage.

Prevent Theft

The rise in ATV theft highlights the need for robust security measures to protect your vehicle.

Strategies like using heavy-duty locks, installing GPS trackers, and storing ATVs in secure, locked locations are crucial in deterring theft.

Additionally, maintaining up-to-date records, including photos and serial numbers, aids in recovery if your ATV is stolen.