What Is the Biggest ATV? (By Size, Hp, Torque, Weight)

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There are several ways to determine which ATV is the biggest on the market, depending on which property you consider the most important. For some, having the most horsepower or torque is all that matters, while others care more about vehicle weight or physical dimensions for heavy utility work.

The biggest commercially available ATV is the Russian-made Phantom amphibious ATV.

This beast of a four-wheeler is 144 inches long, 96 inches wide, and 68 inches tall, features a 110hp 1.5l Toyota engine, and weighs in at 700kg fully equipped. And that’s just the Basic version. They also offer Pro and Extreme versions that are even bigger.

biggest atv Phantom
The massive Phantom may be the perfect vehicle to conquer the tremendous Russian wilderness.

These massive off-road vehicles offer performance like no other ATV. Don’t you believe me? You can see it in action here:

While the Phantom takes the victory in almost every aspect of being the biggest ATV, it is likely too big for the average rider. Even those who merely want the biggest ATV in their riding group will probably go for something a bit more moderate.

For those reasons, this post concentrates on the largest models from the most popular and best-selling ATV brands.

If you want to learn more about the Phantom, please visit their website.

Among the top-selling brands, here are the biggest stock ATVs, ranked by key properties:

Ranking Factor
The Biggest ATV
Physical dimensions (length, width, height)
Can-Am Outlander Max 6×6 XT1000
Engine size in horsepower
Can-Am Outlander 1000R series
Engine size in Torque
Engine size in cc
Can-Am Outlander 1000R series
Vehicle weight
Can-Am Outlander Max 6×6 XT1000
Ground clearance
Polaris Sportsman XP850/1000 High Lifter Edition
The biggest readily available stock ATVs by key ranking parameters. *Data not available.

What Is the Biggest ATV Ranked by Dimensions?

The biggest stock ATV ranked by physical dimensions such as length, width, and height is the OUTLANDER MAX 6X6 XT 1000 with its L x W x H: 124.8 x 48.5 x 55.3 in. (317 x 123 x 140 cm).

Yes, it’s a 6×6, but it is considered an ATV regardless. The additional rear axle adds more than 23 inches to its length compared to its four-wheeled counterparts, making it to the top of our list. 

Setting aside 6×6 models and focusing only on traditional four-wheeled ATVs, the Can-Am Outlander X MR 1000R stands out. It’s not just the longest ATV at 97 inches, but with a width of 50 inches, it’s also the widest in its category.

However, the X MR is not the only 50 inches wide ATV. Most manufacturers offer models that are up to 50 inches wide. Check this post to learn why no major brand offers ATVs wider than 50 inches. 

The tallest ATV is the Can-Am OUTLANDER MAX LIMITED, which is 53 inches tall. Be aware it does not achieve this height due to massive wheels or tall suspension but rather a tall backrest from it being a 2-up model. 

What Is the Most Powerful ATV?

Two major brands are constantly battling to offer the most powerful ATV with the most horsepower: Polaris and Can-Am. For 2022, Can-Am takes the win with its 91hp 1000R engine. The engine is offered in various trims of the Outlander series, such as the Outlander XT-P, X XC, and XM R.

We find the Sportsman XP 1000 with its 90hp engine on a close second. 

In all practical terms, both ATVs are equally powerful. If one were to win a race over the other, it’s likely due to things like vehicle weight, clutch efficiency, wheels, and suspension.

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The Biggest ATV Ranked by Engine Size in CC

Some live by the saying, “There is no replacement for displacement. For those, it is good to know that the Can-Am Outlander 1000R series offers a 976cc engine, effectively making it the biggest ATV ranked by engine displacement. 

Once again, Polaris must settle for second place with its 952cc Sportsman XP 1000. In practical terms, this slight difference is negligible, tho. Other factors, such as gearing, clutch design, and so on, play a more significant role in perceived engine performance. 

What ATV Has the Most Torque?

None of the major ATV manufacturers currently provide data on how much torque their engines put out, but the 2016 Polaris Sportsman XP1000 has 69 foot-pounds or 93.6 nM of torque. The Can-Am Outlander 1000R engines should be in the same ballpark. 

It’s a common misconception that a larger piston (bore) always means more torque. In reality, factors like a longer stroke and cam port timing play equally crucial roles in determining torque.

Each manufacturer designs its engines differently, and there is no way of knowing which one offers the most torque without running them on a dyno. 

Which Is the Heaviest ATV?

Due to the additional rear axle, the OUTLANDER MAX 6X6 XT 1000 wins again with its 1170 lb (531 kg). 

Among the 4×4 ATVs, the Can-Am X MR 1000R is the heaviest, weighing 1,014 lb (460 kg). What makes this specific model heavier than more basic 1000cc Can-Ams are the large mud tires, beefed-up suspension, and radiator relocation kit. 

In fact, the x MR 1000R is even heavier despite the longer wheelbase of the 2-up Can-Am Outlander Max Limited, weighing “only” 900 lb (408 kg). 

Which ATV Has the Most Ground Clearance?

Sufficient ground clearance is essential to avoid obstacles such as logs, stumps, and rocks when going off-road. It also helps prevent getting high sides when riding in deep snow or mud. 

The Polaris Sportsman XP1000 High Lifter Edition offers a ground clearance of 

13.5 in (34.3 cm), effectively making it the stock ATV with the highest ground clearance on the market. 

To achieve this much clearance, the High Lifter comes with features such as factory-installed 29.5″ High Lifter Outlaw 2 Tires, high clearance arched dual a-arm suspension, and stiffer springs for high ground clearance.

What Is the Biggest ATV in the World (Modified)

While some prefer keeping their ATVs mostly stock, others go all out with extreme modifications to make them bigger. This is done mainly to be able to go through bottomless mud pits where stock ATVs wouldn’t stand a chance. Others do it simply because of looks.

As far as I know, the biggest modified ATV in the world is this Can-Am Outlander built by Gorilla Axles, offering a massive 3ft of ground clearance. This lift is made possible by an outrageous custom-made suspension that’s primarily meant for shows:

The biggest ATV with OEM-style suspension I was able to track down is this heavily modified Can-Am Outlander, made by Performance ATV, located in Orange, TX:

Here is some key info behind this build:

  • Ground clearance: 36-38 inches, depending on how the shocks are set up
  • 6-inch P-ATV lift kit
  • Custom 8-inch portal boxes
  • 50-inch tire, cut by Racing in the dirt
  • Diff from Halo PerformanceHalo
  • Front driveshaft and Nitro axles by Turner DriveShafts & Steerings
  • Clutches tuned by P-ATV
  • C-fab rear diff conversion kit (modified)
  • Custom driveshaft

Please be aware that extreme builds like these, impressive as they are, may not be for everyone.

They come with a fair share of downsides, making them useless for almost anything but the occasional pull through the mud pit. They are top-heavy, slow, expensive to build, maintain, and wear fast. Expect to stock up on CV joints and axles; you will need them.

What Is the Fastest Stock ATV?

ATV manufacturers do not advertise the top speed of their vehicles, as ATVs, by design, are not suitable for high-speed riding applications.

I wrote a post on how fast various ATVs go some time ago. I scavenged the web to learn what top speed various ATV owners have achieved on their bikes. While writing that post, I learned that the Polaris Sportsman 850 is the fastest stock ATV, with a recorded top speed of 83mph (134km/h).

It is unclear why the 850cc Scrambler came out faster than the 1000cc model, but it may be due to incorrect speedo reading, or the 850cc may have been geared slightly faster than the 1000cc.

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