16 Must-Have ATV Hunting Accessories for the Ultimate Rig

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Having your ATV set up for hunting can make the hunt more prosperous, comfortable, safer, and enjoyable.

Different types of hunting require different types of gear. This post lists various accessories to consider when modifying your ATV to your ideal hunting rig.

Muffler Silencer for a Quiet Exhaust

ATV exhausts are typically quite loud. Luckily, there are ways to make them quieter, like installing a muffler silencer. Popular alternatives are the Kolpin Stealth or the ones from Silent Rider. Note that the latter is not universal but model-specific. 

But, even with an extra muffler, the animal will still hear you coming from afar. It may allow you to drive closer to wildlife without scaring them away, leaving less disturbance on the hunting grounds. But they will still hear and smell you coming.

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Gun and Bow Rack or Gun Boot

ATV setup hunting yamaha grizzly
This Yamaha Grizzly features both a gun boot and a front-mounted gun rack.

You need somewhere to store your rifle or bow safely. Some prefer gun racks; others prefer closed boots. Here are a few pros and cons of both types.

Gun Goot


  • Protect the rifle from mud, dirt, dust, snow, and water.
  • Protects the weapon from impacts and brush.
  • It can be locked for added security.
  • It can be installed with the rifle pointing downwards, as any weapon should be doing at all times when not shooting. 


  • It May not fit rifles with large 56mm scopes or bigger.
  • Boots without soft inner lining may scuff up the rifle. 

My personal favorite is the Kolpin Stronghold because of the way it quickly opens up in the back. Another great alternative is the case from Black Boar, which also features a padded inner lining.

Gun- and Bow Racks


  • It can hold pretty much any rifle with any scope and most bows. 
  • The weapon is always easily accessible.
  • Robust.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • The rifle or bow is fully exposed to damage from the elements or impacts.
  • If mounted sideways, longer rifles will stick out, leaving them vulnerable. 

No need to go fancy when it comes to gun grips. Pack Racks from All Rite Products offer robust, affordable grips and fit most ATVs.

GPS for Navigating, Route Planning, and Marking Waypoints

Installing a GPS on your ATV may provide more uses than you think.

Navigating new hunting grounds: Having a GPS will make navigating and familiarizing new hunting grounds easier without getting lost.

Navigating back home, if you do get lost: You wouldn’t be the first person to suddenly feel confused and misplaced in a forest you thought you knew as well as your own backyard. One wrong turn, and suddenly, you don’t recognize where you are. Having a GPS in such situations can be a lifesaver, literally speaking.

Route planning before the hunt: You can plan routes by plotting them into the GPS before you head out. Or even better, you may go into the woods off-season to plan your routes. By recording them onto the GPS, they are ready for when hunting season comes.

Mark waypoints and POIs: It’s nice to keep track of important waypoints and other points of interest. Let’s say you must head back to camp to fetch a trailer to haul your game. By plotting the position, you don’t need to worry about finding the animal when you return.

Choose any GPS from Garmin, and you can’t go wrong. I especially like the Garmin GPSMAP 64ST TOPO because of its excellent cost/value ratio.

Better Tires

Most stock ATV tires offer only mediocre off-road performance. Upgrading to a bigger and better set of tires is the number one tip for improving your ATV’s off-road capabilities. 

You can typically go up 1 to 2 inches in size without modifying the ATV. There are countless alternatives, but the proven Mud Lite all-terrain tires from ITP are a safe bet.

This upgrade will give you:

  • A Wider stance for better stability.
  • Better traction in the mud and on wet grounds.
  • Better flotation over soft spots. 

For really soft and wet conditions, your best option is to replace your tires with a set of tracks instead.

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Communication System

If you’re hunting with others, you need a way of communicating to share with them your location, organize the hunt, and locate the game. 

Also, you’ll need a way of communicating with the outside world in an emergency. Cell phones are great, but you cannot count on always having cellular service when heading deep into the woods. 

Walkie-Talkie With a Handlebar Mount

Walkie-talkies are popular for communicating within the team or group. It’s a cost-efficient, flexible, and reliable solution that will fit most needs. Get a proper handlebar mount, and you are set.

A CB Radio

Some riders prefer having a fixed CB radio installed on their ATVs in addition to the walkie-talkie. With an external antenna, you can communicate over ranges up to 20-25 miles or more under ideal conditions. 

The radio unit should be installed somewhere it’s protected against dust and water. Add a waterproof external speaker that can better handle the elements.

GPS With Built-in Communication Unit

If you want to save space by decreasing the number of units, consider a GPS with a built-in communication unit.

Satellite Communication With the Outside World

Communication by satellite is the most reliable option for always reaching out, regardless of cellular service. Satellite phones are excellent but expensive.

ATV Trailer for Hauling Gear and Big Game

You’ll be able to haul a decent amount of gear on the ATV cargo racks. You can even carry a small game if you don’t mind the mess.

That said, adding a proper trailer to your rig opens many possibilities. Our elk-hunting team uses ATV trailers to haul building materials for tree stands and to bring big game back to camp after a successful hunt.

ATV trailer retrieve big game
Not the most enormous elk, but it sure was nice not having to pull it by hand to the nearest road, several kilometers away!

Electric Winch

If your ATV does not come with a winch, you should definitely get one. It is by far the most helpful and versatile accessory any ATV can have. When hunting, you can use it to:

  • Retrieve a big game in rough terrain where you can’t get to it with a trailer.
  • Load and unload the big game into the trailer.
  • Recover your stuck ATV out of a mud hole.
  • Hoist a deer and skin a deer. Learn how in this post with 29 ideas on ways to use an ATV winch.  

Waterproof Storage Box

Hunters always tend to get wet, whether from snow and rain or sweat in the blistering sun. So you’ll need a place to store dry clothes, as well as your spare ammo, non-waterproof electronics, and other nick-nacks.

  • Various straps and ropes: Nylon straps, bungee straps, ratchet straps, paracord, and tow rope.
  • Snatch block, tree strap, shackle, and a deer hanger – for hoisting deer
  • Surveyors ribbon
  • Clean plastic bags
  • Tool kit
  • Tire repair and inflator kit
  • Spare spark plug
  • Handsaw
  • Food and drinks
  • Camera gear

Some riders prefer soft cargo packs because they are generally cheaper, easy to install, and relatively durable while providing plenty of storage capacity. Look for a robust and waterproof system.

Tank Bags or Fender Bags

Tank bags are great for storing items that you need quick access to in the field, such as

  • Water bottle
  • Binoculars
  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Wallet with hunter license and other required documentation

Caution: The bags may get hot if placed over the engine or exhaust.


Stock ATV lights have limited reach and are fixed to where the bike is facing. Some ATVs have handlebar lights that move according to the position of the handlebar. But hunting requires more flexibility and power than the stock bike lights can provide.

By installing a movable searchlight, either manual or motorized, you’re able to:

  • Track and search for a wounded animal.
  • Search for a downed animal.
  • Navigate challenging terrain at night.
  • Search for a lost hunting buddy.
atv search light led
My local dealer sells these awesome LED searchlights.

You could use a flashlight, but with a light that connects to the ATV’s cigarette lighter power output, you never have to worry about charging the battery. 

Just ensure no one thinks you are using the light to spotlight and hunt game at night. This type of hunting is illegal in most places and carries serious consequences, such as hefty fines and losing your hunting license.

The ideal ATV searchlight should be:

  • Durable
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Have a rigid but flexible mounting system
  • Provide lots of light
  • Sell at an affordable price

Heated Grips, Thumb Warmer, and Seat Heater

If you’re hunting in colder climates, you will love having heated grips and thumb throttle on your ATV.

To take it one step further, consider getting an aftermarket seat heater. It’s incredible how effective this heat keeps your entire body warm.

Big Game Loader

Deer and boar hunters who don’t want to bring a trailer should look into a mechanical game-loading system like the Tilt-N-Tote Game Loader.

Stick Stoppers and Skid Plates

The animal does not always fall somewhere easily accessible. A wounded animal tends to seek vegetation where it can hide. This instinctive behavior means you might have to ride across sticks, rocks, and other vegetation to collect your game.

Broken axles from damaged CV bots after running into sticks are among the most common ATV repairs. A ripped boot allows grease to run out and dirt and water to get in, causing the joints to fail. A set of proper armor plates may prevent this from happening.

Front and Rear Cargo Basket

With a proper cargo basket, you’re able to carry your gear that doesn’t require weather protection, such as:

  • Hatchet
  • Treestand
  • Blind
  • Deer feeder
  • Feed sacks
  • A spare gas can

Both front and rear options are available. If you need additional cargo space, consider a rear drop-down basket.

ATV Camouflage

Camouflaging your ATV allows you to park it closer to your stand without scaring away animals.

Most ATV brands offer camo-wrapped models. If you already own an ATV, consider wrapping it up with vinyl camo wrapping.

If you prefer hunting from your ATV, consider getting an ATV Hunting blind. Please note that hunting from a vehicle is not allowed in many places.

Game Hoist Kit

If you plan on skinning and processing the animal in-field, consider getting a game hoist kit that attaches to your ATV.

DIY ATV Hunting Mods

If you want to save money or cannot find the products in the stores, you can always build the gear you need. With some effort, you can create a fantastic rig, as this guy:

In the video, he displays his:

  • Homemade handlebar-mounted rifle rest
  • DIY fiberglass molded rifle scabbard with a sheepskin lining
  • Custom rear cargo rack
  • Custom fiberglass molded storage boxes
DIY ATV trailer hunting
I saw this ATV game trailer at a local fair. If you know your way around a MIG welder, you should be able to build one for yourself.

Wrapping Up

Equipping your ATV with suitable modifications can transform your hunting adventures. These additions ease navigation and communication in the wild and ensure your weapons are safely stowed, and your catch is efficiently hauled.

Now, with these tips in your hunting toolkit, get ready to navigate the wilderness with confidence, safety, and convenience.

Haavard Krislok
Haavard Krislok
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