ATV Mud Tire Weight Comparison (With Charts)

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Tire weight is a crucial factor in any ATV mud tire. These comparison tables make it easier to compare the weight of some of the most popular ATV mud tires.

Comparing ATV tire weight

The weights listed in these tables are manufacturer ratings collected at the time of writing this post. Note that the ratings may change due to changes in the manufacturing process etc.

This is not meant as a complete list, but it does cover many of the most popular ATV tires on the market that are specifically made for mudding.

26-inch tires for 12-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Maxxis Mudzilla26×9-1226.5
Maxxis Mudzilla26X12-1237.0
Maxxis Zilla26×9-1219.6
Maxxis Zilla26×11-1223.3
Interco Black Mamba Lite26×10-1239.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite26×12-1245.0
Interco Swamplite26×9-1226.0
Interco Swamplite26×12-1231.0
ITP Mayhem26×9-1225.0
ITP Mayhem26×11-1228.0
STI Out & Back Max26×10-1237.6
Kenda Executioner26×10-1226.0
Kenda Executioner26×12-1230.0

26-inch tires for 14-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
SuperATV Terminator26.5×10-1438.0
Maxxis Zilla26×9-1420.7
Maxxis Zilla 26×11-1423.8

27-inch tires for 12-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
ITP Mega Mayhem27×9-1231.0
ITP Mega Mayhem27×11-1234.0
Interco Black Mamba27×10-1255.0
High Lifter Outlaw27×9.5-1230.2
High Lifter Outlaw27×12-1235.4
Maxxis Mudzilla27×9-1229.1
Maxxis Mudzilla27×12-1239.6
Maxxis Zilla27×9-1220.3
Maxxis Zilla27×11-1223.4
Interco Black Mamba Lite27×9-1239.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite27×11-1245.0
Interco InterForce II27×6-1243.0
Interco Swamplite27×9-1227.0
Interco Swamplite27×12-1230.0
STI Out & Back Max27×10-1240.6
Kenda Executioner27×10-1231.0
Kenda Executioner27×12-1236.0

27-inch tires for 14-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
ITP Mega Mayhem27×9-1429.0
ITP Mega Mayhem27×11-1434.0
ITP Cryptid27×10-1441.0
Interco InterForce II27×6-1435.5
Interco Swamplite27×9-1427.0
Interco Swamplit27×11-1431.0
STI Out & Back Max27×10-1439.6
CST Sludge Hammer27×10-1427.7
Maxxis Zilla27×10-1422.8
Maxxis Zilla27×12-1427.0

28-inch tires for 12-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
SuperATV Terminator28×10-1246.0
Maxxis Mudzilla28×10-1235.7
Maxxis Mudzilla28×12-1242.0
Interco Super Swamper Vampire EDL28×10-1237.0
Interco Swamplite28×10-1237.0
High Lifter Outlaw28×9.5-1233.8
High Lifter Outlaw28×12.5-1238.7
Maxxis Mudzilla28×10-1235.0
Maxxis Mudzilla28×12-1242.0
Maxxis Zilla28×10-1226.0
Maxxis Zilla28×12-1227.5

28-inch tires for 14-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
ITP Mega Mayhem28×9-1432.0
ITP Mega Mayhem28×11-1434.0
ITP Cryptid28×10-1441.0
SuperATV Assassinator28×10-1450.0
SuperATV Terminator28/10/1446.0
Maxxis Mazxxilla28×9-1428.0
Maxxis Mazxxilla28×11-1433.7
Maxxis Zilla28×9-1423.1
Maxxis Zilla28×11-1426.2
Interco Super Swamper Vampire EDL28×10-1438.0
Interco Swamplite28×9-1429.0
Interco Swamplite28×11-1435.0
High Lifter Outlaw 328×9-1439.0
STI Out & Back Max28×9.5-1439.7
STI Out & Back Max28×10-1444.0
Sedona Mudda Inlaw28×10-1445.0
BKT AT 17128×9-1440.0
CST Sludge Hammer28×10-1434.0
Kenda Executioner28×9-1427.0
Kenda Executioner28×11-1432.0

29-inch tires for 12-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
High Lifter Outlaw29.5×10-1237.5
High Lifter Outlaw29.5×12-1243.0
Interco Swamplite29×10-1240.0
SuperATV Terminator29.5×10-1246.0

29-inch tires for 14-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
SuperATV Assassinator29.5×8-1453.0
SuperATV Assassinator29.5×10-1454.0
High Lifter Outlaw 329.5×10-1444.0

30-inch tires for 12-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Interco Black Mamba30×10-1266.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite30×8.5-1246.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×10-1233.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×12-1238.0
CST Sludge Hammer30×10-1242.8

30-inch tires for 14-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
ITP Monster Mayhem30×9-1438.0
ITP Monster Mayhem30×10-1440.0
ITP Cryptid30×9-1443.0
ITP Cryptid30×11-1446.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×10-1437.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×12-1438.0
High Lifter Silverback MT230-9-1445.0
Maxxis Mudzilla30X9-1435.9
Maxxis Mudzilla30X11-1444.0
Maxxis Zilla30×9-1425.6
Maxxis Zilla30×11-1430.8
Interco Black Mamba30×10-1465.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite30×8.5-1445.0
Interco InterForce II30×9-1453.5
Interco Super Swamper Vampire EDL30×9-1445.0
STI Out & Back Max30×9.5-1444.1
STI Out & Back Max30×10-1448.2
Sedona Mudda Inlaw30×10-1449.7
BKT AT 17130×9-1442.0
CST Sludge Hammer30×10-1442.7

31-inch tires for 14-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
SuperATV Terminator32×10-1454.0
High Lifter Outlaw31×9.5-1439.5
High Lifter Outlaw31×11-1449.5

32-inch tires for 14-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
ITP Mammoth Mayhem32×10-1455.0
High Lifter Outlaw 232.5-10.5-1456.0
SuperATV Assassinator32×8-1460.0
Interco Black Mamba32.5×10-1470.0
Interco InterForce II32×6.5-1448.9
STI Out & Back Max32×9.5-1448.5
STI Out & Back Max32×10-1453.8
Sedona Mudda Inlaw32×10-1455.1
CST Sludge Hammer32×10-1446.5

33 to 34-inch tires for 14 and 15-inch wheels

Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
High Lifter Silverback MT233×10-1471.0
SuperATV Assassinator34×8-1463.0
SuperATV Terminator34×10-1559.0

What is the lightest aggressive ATV mud tire?

When choosing an ATV mud tire, it is key to find the optimal balance between weight and performance. Mud tires have aggressive thread patterns with large lugs so that the tire will paddle through the mud. In general, more aggressive tires are heavier.

Here are the lightest ATV mud tires divided into three different levels of thread pattern aggressiveness.

Least aggressive mud tires

  • Maxxis Zilla (30×11-14 weighs 30.8 lb)

Medium aggressive mud tires

  • Interco Swamp Lite (28×11-14 weighs 35.0 lb)
  • ITP Monster Mayhem (30×10-14 weighs 40.0 lb)

Most aggressive mud tires

  • Maxxis Mudzilla ( 30X11-14 weighs 44.0 lb)
  • CST Sludge Hammer ( 30×10-14 weighs 42.7 lb)
  • Interco InterForce II ( 32×6.5-14 weighs 48.9 lb)

Why is the weight of an ATV mud tire important

But why does the weight of an ATV mud tire matter after all? Well here are a few good reasons.

Heavy tires rob a lot of power

Heavier tires reduce acceleration and speed by robbing engine power. Faster acceleration and more paddling-action is the most significant benefit of getting lighter mud tires.

Heavy tires cause more strain on the drivetrain, causing wear and damage

Accelerating and stopping a heavier tire cause more strain and wear on the bike’s brakes and drivetrains such as the axles, CV joints, and drive belt.

Belt slippage is not uncommon when installing heavier tires without making upgrades to the clutches as well.

How can you modify your ATV to handle bigger and heavier tires?

Upgrade drivetrain components such as the axles to heavy-duty aftermarket options to make the bike better capable of handling heavy mud tires.

Clutch kits are available for most ATVs and will make the bike better set up for larger and heavier mud tires.

Are the manufacturer’s weight ratings always accurate?

Most ATV tire manufacturers list the weight of each type and each size of the tire they make. But how accurate are the numbers that are listed?

I scavenged a bunch of ATV forums as well as weighing some of my own tires. From what I found, you may expect the manufacturer’s tire weight rating to be relatively accurate, but a deviation of 1-3 pounds from the rated weight seems to be within what you can expect.

The listed rating can be a bit off in the first place, or the manufacturer may have made changes in the manufacturing process of a specific tire that changes the tire weight. It is not uncommon that changes are made without updating their website. Resellers are even less likely to catch on to small updates that can affect tire weight.

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